Kyron Drones-State Champion MVP 2021 QB

Working with Coach Colbert really got me better. Better than any other trainer I worked with . Him coming to the games watching me play then telling me what I did wrong and what I needed to work on really helped throughout the season and it paid off .

Duke Butler Jr-2023 QB

I have been training with Darrell for about 5 months. From the time when I first started to now,  I have learned and improved on so many things. Darrell always does a great job explaining the importance of certain drills and connecting them to in-game experiences. This is why I leave every training with more confidence in my ability to become a great QB. 

Cameron McCalister- 2022 QB

Training with Coach Colbert has been great, it’s taught me multiple things. How to throw on the run better. Focus more on my mechanics when I’m tired. And escaping the pocket. 

Austin Gutierrez-QB 2021

When I first started training with Coach Colbert he fixed a bunch of my mechanics that helped improve my shoulder injury. Every time I would train with him I would see improvement in my footwork my accuracy and power. He is one of the best qb coaches I have worked with and knows what he’s doing. I’m glad I came into contact with him and can’t wait to keep working with him in the future

Kenneth Rosenthal-2023 Houston Lamar QB

Working with Darrel has been very fun. It has also been  easy because he slows down if needed and breaks down the drill for you, therefore the drill will progressively become easier as you go through the drill more. I have seen progress in my play on the field and in training as an example after starting with Darrel I went from freshmen to varsity football in about 2 weeks. 

Cameron Scott

The Select QB experience is nothing less than awesome. The coach explains every drill throughly and even preforms the movements along side the quarterbacks. I enjoy seeing the progress in everyone that trains with this business. I highly recommend Select QB Athletics to anyone that wants to get better at the position.

Karl Kincheon- Parent of Kameron Kincheon- Player C/O 2021

In July of 2019 I began looking for a QB coach for my son. Kameron was going to be the varsity QB of CE King high school. I saw this guy on Twitter posting workouts with kids and I decided to reach out to him. Couldn't have been a better decision. Darrell Colbert Jr is a heck of a teacher/coach. I put teacher first because it was the first thing that caught my attention at our first workout with him. He showed his QBs why they should do an action instead of just asking them to learn a drill. At my son's first home game there he was, supporting one of his guys. Select QB was something I knew would come from his work. I told him after our first meeting that this would come to existence. I can't recommend him enough. He is a 5-Star, 10 out of 10 kind of guy. My son responds to his drills and instructions so very well and it has translated to the field. If you want to learn the right way from a guy that will show you the "why's" and not only the "do's" I can't say it any better than go with Select QB.

Tyler Hilder- 2022 QB

Working with my QB Coach has been an amazing journey so far. For example, when working on everything from mechanics to being a leader on and off the field. Every time I go train with him I know he is going to give me the tools I need to be a successful Quarterback. I admire the fact that he pushes you to your max so when you go out on the field and play, you would be prepared. I recommend joining selectqbathletics because not only will you better develop as a Quarterback but also a person, it’s only up from here!!

Cody Neal

Being out on the field filming for Darrel has been quite an experience. I’ve come to respect his ambition and overall love for the game of football far more than I did before. I get to see first hand how he breaks downs drills for his clients, explain how it will help them in a real game situation and how it will advance their football career in general. He goes the extra mile for each guy he works with by finding the areas they struggle with the most and helping them overcome those challenges. It’s one thing to support your clients while they’re in your practice, but another to take your own personal time to make it out to their games whether at home or on the road. It just shows how much he cares not about his business, but about the relationship he has with each athlete. 

Ettiene Ntakirutimana- 2021 QB

Working out with Coach Colbert has been an absolute blessing. I’ve noticed very huge progression in my technique, throwing mechanics, footwork, and also self confidence since I’ve started to train with him. He breaks down every drill to the smallest detail and makes the the drill easy to understand. I really enjoy workout with Select QB Athletics and would recommend anybody looking for the perfect Qb coach. 5 Star rating!!

Milton Holmes

I’ve had the opportunity to not only witness Darrell as a coach but I also competed with him as a player. It is not many athletes at a caliber like his that know how to take the actions they perform and teach it to others, especially kids. His vast knowledge of not only the quarterback position, but the game of football as a whole is incredible. The way he’s able to tailor what and how he says to each kid individually in order  for them to comprehend it really speaks volumes. It’s shows his attention to detail and that he genuinely cares about the growth and development of his players. Growth not only in this game of football, but also in this game we call life.

CJ Ward Junior College QB

Coach Colbert does a great job making drill work translate to live situations in games. A lot of plays in real games are from many different platforms and he does a real great job coming up with drills that put you in awkward game like situations. Coach Colbert also does a great job focusing on your weaknesses and making them your strengths. He also makes sure you understand what and why you are doing something wrong. Most importantly Coach Colbert is positive while training and always makes sure you are always  getting real good work 

Ayden Howard-2022 QB

I’ve been to Coach Colbert only 3 times but I have experienced an obvious change in my game for the better.  My past trainer wasn’t as good at explaining and demonstrating as Coach Colbert is, he does that very well.  It’s very obvious that he is not just doing it for the money, he has our best interest at heart and wants us to succeed.  I 100% trust Coach Colbert with my future as a quarterback and would definitely recommend any quarterback aspiring to be great to come train with him.

Donte Jones-2021 QB

Training with Coach Colbert really improved my game my passes stopped falling short, I mastered the fade ball, and improved my vision. He also always says this phrase that stayed in my head which was “everything is in the hips” every since then I kept that statement on my mind!

Jakolby Longino Jr.- 2021 QB

Training with coach Colbert has been great. My coaches teammates and parents can tell the difference in my game and it’s only been 2 month. I feel very confident in my ability and the work we have been putting in together. He breaks every drill down and explain it to a game situation. He teaches you to be calm and never rush and always use your mechanics.

Ms. Avis Mother of Kenneth Rosenthal- 2023 QB

As I sit here and ponder on How Blessed and Grateful we are ....God has allowed my Son Kenneth Joshua Rosenthal to cross Path with a great and Amazing young Man in the form of Darrel Colbert Jr. ..In such short period of time Since Kenneth has been Training with Darrel ... Kenneth has accomplished so much and the things he has learned ...has assisted in him moving from Freshman to Varsity within months of one Football Season...Kenneth is Learning how to become a Leader and demonstrate the skills he’s being taught of a regular bases....I see so much growth potential and maturing in Kenneth... Since this training has begun Darrel has enhanced his gifts and talents in Kenneth as a young’s helping him to respect and build character for the Game of Football in which Kenneth Loves...Darrel is a giver of himself I appreciate his mindset of leadership knowledge that he has instilled in my son....Darrel is compassionate and dedicated to this Area of Football. Darrel doesn’t mind given of himself he enjoys all the players that he trains and he treats them with the up most respect...If I had a first and second choice for a trainer that trainer would be Darrel Colbert Jr. ... The thing I like most about Trainer Colbert he knows how to break down questions that I have in mommy Son respects and listen to Trainer Colbert’s advice good or bad. Trainer Colbert has the gift of training players into becoming Better to Great...Words of encouragement to Trainer Colbert Jr. This is Bigger than you thank you for the seeds you have sown and continue to sow  in my son Kenneth Joshua Rosenthal...we have just begun but our lateral will be greater...This is the Fruit of your Labor Darrel...Thank You is not enough but just watch what God is about to do in your life...You are going to Blow up above Measures

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